Welcome to the Be Human Club
where compassion meets community! 🌍✨ Experience the extraordinary adventure of being human with us. Join a club that believes in kindness, connection and personal growth.

🤝 Connect with Purpose:
Explore a community that values authentic connections. Share stories, wisdom and moments of joy with like-minded individuals, all committed to creating positive impact.


🌱 Evolve Together:
Cultivate the best in yourself through a diversity of wellness programs, mindfulness practices and inspiring content. Be Human Club is your ally in your personal journey.

💖 Experience Empathy:
Immerse yourself in a caring environment where empathy prevails. Our community is built on understanding, compassion and mutual support.


🎉 Exclusive Member Benefits:
Enjoy members-only events, discounts on wellness programs, and access to resources that support your well-being. Your journey to a more fulfilling life starts here.

🚀 Join the Movement:
Be part of a movement that celebrates the beauty of being human. Together, let's create a positive impact on ourselves, our communities and the world.


The Platform

Welcome to Be Human Club, a wellness platform where compassion merges with an engaged community!

Join a Club dedicated to personal growth, kindness and deep connections.

Immerse yourself in a wellness adventure, where empathy guides every step of your journey.

Explore diverse programs and mindfulness practices designed to catalyze your personal growth.

As a member, enjoy exclusive benefits like booked events, program discounts, and access to inspiring resources.

Together, let's create a world where love and kindness prevail.


What are the offerings on the platform?

Daily Practices :

Monday 6am Qi Gong Tuesday 6am Meditation Thursday 12pm Move, Breathe Meditate • Thursday 5pm yoga
Twice a week participants will be invited to come together and drop in for a moment of quiet contemplation through a range of mindfulness and awareness exercises, supporting a healthy start to the day for body, mind and heart.


Weekly Wonderings :

Monday 12pm -1pm
These weekly sessions will be an invitation for members to drop in and learn about key insights, methodologies and tools that the community leaders within the Be Human Club use in support of their own success, as well as with their clients.


Community Circle :

60 minutes | once a month
Held once a month, these 90-minute sessions are opportunities for the broader collective to learn more about who they are on this journey with. A combination of group and breakout rooms, members will learn about the projects that others are working on, explore new opportunities for collaboration, seek the guidance and counsel of their community, and set the stage for what might come!


Masterclasses :

90 minutes | once a month
Offered once per month, these experiences will be led by people who are leaders in their field, who cover a wide-range of topics that include mental health and wellness, physical health, nutrition, relationship support, business coaching, and more. The goal in these sessions is to provide members with an ever-growing toolbox, a set of skills and tools, that can help them discover new ways of supporting themselves on their path.


BizLab :

60 minutes | once a month
These monthly sessions are mastermind sessions that support members in their professional lives. Through a range of different structures, member-driven workshops are opportunities to address challenges, learn and support each other professionally.  


Inquire about corporate plans

BHC Company Plans :

For leaders who are passionate about supporting their teams, we are proud to offer packages for companies to be able to offer their employees. If this is you, please send us an email so we can explore this together! info@behuman.club